Safe Removal & Disposal of Dirty Dirt

We work closely with our clients to provide lasting environmental solutions. Our comprehensive fleet of hydro vacs, vac trucks, box trucks and flatbeds can handle all your contaminated material disposal requirements. From dirty dirt hauling and disposal to emergency response reclamation, and removal of unwanted oilfield fluid, our crew has the experience to complete your transport safely and securely.

  • Transportation Of Dangerous Materials

Keep Your Crews Safe & Call the Professionals for Dirty Dirt Removal

Do you have contaminated dirt or hazardous waste you need to dispose of? Our professional team of hazardous material handling experts has the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently transport and dispose of your contaminated materials. We fully comply with the “Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Act” and all applicable training and regulations. When you need waste transport services done right, call our NVT team.

  • Safety & Compliance

Our Team Puts Safety First

Contaminated material hauling requires training, diligence, and a commitment to safety. Our teams are compliant with COR, ISNetworld, Complyworks Avetta (formerly PICS auditing), WorkSafeBC, H2S, and First Aid. When you call NVT to haul away your contaminated materials, you have confidence it’s handled safely.

  • Dirty Dirt Hauling for the Oil & Gas Industry

Safe Removal of Your Contaminated Dirt & Gravel

From contaminated cleanups to decommissioning or abandonments to emergency reclamation, our experienced crew is fully licensed to handle your contaminated material. We have the industrial transportation equipment you need to remove contaminated materials from your location to return your work site or land to its original condition.

Count on NVT for All Your Soil & Hazardous Material Transport Needs

Contaminated Material Hauling in Northern BC, Northwest Alberta, & the Yukon

You can count on NVT for all your dirty dirt and contaminated soil transportation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is well-equipped to safely and efficiently help you clean up your site so you can keep your project going.